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Kids entertainment: Why are kids not watching cartoons anymore?

Kids entertainment: Childhood was very different a few years ago. In the age of cable television and constant power cuts, one thing was always available for the kids. When there was a constant power supply, there would be a parents-imposed tv curfew and when the tv watching restrictions were lifted, there was a high chance of power cuts that would prevent the children from sticking to the television. In the midst of all this, kids mostly relied on playing outside for their entertainment. However, when they could watch tv, they would mostly stick to cartoons and would make the most of the time. 

Children have grown over watching cartoons

Shifting the focus to the current times, this trend has changed drastically and children nowadays have graduated from just sticking to watching cartoons. This is the age of digital content and entertainment has changed completely. Just like the type of content available has changed for the grown-ups, the same has happened for the younger ones. There is a large number of channels especially on the internet entertainment giant YouTube Kids, that offers children-specific skits. Children are so glued to real-life kind of experiences that they prefer to watch them over cartoons, any day.

Kids “connect” with the content

The kids who watch such content are left glued to the episodes because they feel connected to the characters and the whole scheme of events. Most of the artists are children and the storyline is designed to showcase daily life activities and events that happen in almost every household. Besides that, they also invoke the kid’s interest in creative activities such as drawing, painting, cooking, reading, etc. Smaller children want to imitate these kids and spend their time in constructive activities, rather than living in a fantasy world. 

Online kid’s content is a booming industry and along with the content creators, the enterprises who manufacture kids’ products, games, and toys are also making hay. The bigger idea is that children actually learn something new, have fun and make the most of their time and the online content is actually serving the purpose. 

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