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Khadi India: How the India Government-owned company competing larger brands

Khadi India: It is a journey through the ages and it reflects the age-old tradition of hand-weaving that has stood through the test of time. Khadi or khaddar is a hand-woven natural cotton fiber cloth that has been used to manufacture clothing in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In India, it is much more than just a clothing item, its story is closely associated with the country’s struggle for freedom from British rule. Khadi is also considered synonymous with Mahatma Gandhi, as he was the first to give a call for hand-spinning khadi at the domestic level, to fulfill a household’s need for clothing. The Khadi Movement began in 1918 and it later formed the basis for the Non-Cooperation Movement which troubled the Britishers the most. 

Khadi, since then has been a symbol of nationalism, self-dependence, and national pride and it has a long legacy that lives on.

Khadi India

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), MSME is a statutory body formed by the Government of India, under the Act of Parliament, ‘Khadi and Village Industries Commission Act of 1956’. The organization has several stores spread across India and serves customers from all walks of life. One of the largest stores of Khadi India is located in New Delhi’s Connaught Place and it boasts the highest number of sales and footfall. 

A connection with heritage

Khadi products have a completely different appeal and they attract customers, who do not indulge in brand-buying. The products have a self-contained luxury of sorts as they are made of natural woven cotton fabric. While most customers like the feel of it, people who have certain kinds of allergies are also a fan of the khadi fabric. Khadi India enjoys a regular customer base, who choose it over other brands, as they feel a sense of pride in being connected to their culture and heritage. 

In today’s age of cut-throat competition where modern businesses indulge in shrewd tactics to bring others down, Khadi India stands tall amidst heavy competition with international brands. It is an inspiring story that is not only resounding with the audience of a particular age group but is also drawing the attention of the younger generation.  

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