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Asian News Makers

Asian News Makers is a web magazine owned by South Asian Integrated News Network based in India. We publish articles, features, opinions about the issues ranging from environment, education, gender, business, health, lifestyle, entertainment, art & culture and also about some ‘Insights’ from politics and diplomacy keeping South Asia in focus.

We are the professionals who believe that the idea of integrated South Asia, can never die. Not only because the region comprises around 27% of the world’s population-the biggest population density from a single geographical mass, and has 500 million most poor population of the world living in this region, but also because this population has challenges which are very common, which, if spoken and dealt through a common platform can create a meaningful impact for achieving the social-development and economic goals.

Challenges-beyond population explosion, poverty, malnutrition, economy etc like the impact of climate change, environmental vulnerability given the fact that South Asia is one of the least stable sub-regions of the globe, education, gender inequality, terrorism are increasingly posing the need to highlight and address these issues beyond the news coverage.

Amidst the clutter of social-media generated information and squeezing shelf-life of news it is time the media strongly pitch for the realities necessary for the survival and dignity of life and growth of the society.

We are a dedicated integration of journalists, academics, writers, activists, experts who aim to document the ground realities as they exist and highlight the issues with a solution-seeking approach.