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Misappropriation of Religion by the State in South Asia

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On January 22, as the ‘momentous’ occasion of consecration of Ram temple in Ayodhya, a holy town of India takes place, this article expresses a...
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How monsoon rains impact lives and finances of South Asian countries

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As monsoons hit the coastal regions of Kerala in India, hopes run high not just across the country, but also throughout the region, even through...
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Nepal PM Visit: Nepal-India historic ties explained

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In view of the ongoing four-day visit of Nepalese Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal to India, it is important to understand the significance of the...
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Bhutanese Refugee Scam: How it has turned into a political crisis for Nepal?

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Nepal, the landlocked country in the Himalayas, which is already marred by reports of rampant corruption and human rights violations, finds itself embroiled in yet...
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Why more young women are developing PCOS in South Asia?

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Obesity and environmental factors have been identified as significant contributors and there are other factors that may also be playing a role. Ultimately, a multidisciplinary...