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Growing unemployment in Canada!! Genuine crises or fudging of system to hire migrants as ‘cheap labour’

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Tale of a Canadian citizen with Canadian degree and Canadian work experience, also a citizenship who cannot be hired while those with a visitor visa...
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Sri Lanka’s Visa-Free Entry Initiative: A strong step forward for economic recovery

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With Sri Lanka introducing a visa-free entry program for tourists from India and six other countries, the bid evidently is in anticipation of boosting the...
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World Tourism Day 2023: Focus on “Green Investment” through sustainable tourism

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World Tourism Day 2023: Having hit hardest by Covid 19 pandemic the travel industry has bounced back to its pre-covid times but not without adopting...
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Britta Battogtokh: Walking the talk for Mongolian glory on Indian Land

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Invitation to be the showstopper at the fashion show of G-20 country’s beauty queens held in Ladakh in last week of September, has not been...
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Medical Tourism in India: ‘Heal in India’ gets a boost with ‘Ayush Visa’ initiative

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Ayush Visa: Medical tourism is one such sector which has witnessed an unprecedented surge post the Covid 19 pandemic. According to a data released in...
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Solo travelling : Exploring self while touching hearts

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Coming from a small town, Carlo says he continues to carry that small town curiosity which motivates him as a traveller...
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Tracing India-Sri lanka Buddhism connect through temple art

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Chamini Weerasooriya is the first women temple artists from Sri Lanka who has been spreading the message of Buddha through her paintings and also on...