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Medical Tourism in India: ‘Heal in India’ gets a boost with ‘Ayush Visa’ initiative

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Ayush Visa: Medical tourism is one such sector which has witnessed an unprecedented surge post the Covid 19 pandemic. According to a data released in...
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Solo travelling : Exploring self while touching hearts

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Coming from a small town, Carlo says he continues to carry that small town curiosity which motivates him as a traveller...
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Tracing India-Sri lanka Buddhism connect through temple art

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Chamini Weerasooriya is the first women temple artists from Sri Lanka who has been spreading the message of Buddha through her paintings and also on...
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Tourism to be the next common ground between India-Sri Lanka relations!!

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India’s Travel Association Vows to Revitalize Sri Lanka’s Tourism Industry The Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI), a prominent travel-related association, has pledged its commitment...
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Bangladesh tourism industry: Opportunities and challenges galore

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Bangladesh, a country that boasts of an extensive cotton readymade industry that clocked around $40 billion in valuation in FY 2021, has been struggling to...
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Pakistan Tourism: Industry that holds potential, yet is marred by challenges

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Pakistan’s tourism industry is grappling with significant challenges that hinder its growth potential. It is a sad reality of a country which otherwise has a...
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Community-based tourism is a strong pitch for sustainability of environment and livelihood

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Community-based tourism: While community-based tourism has positive impacts on the environment and is a contributor to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals until the policy framework...