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Amid G20 Summit, Kids demand “Kidizens”20 that Focus on SDGs

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The key demands of the Children are “ All rights for All Children” that includes investment in inclusive education for disabled children, promoting Child’s mental...
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‘Separate facilities for Hijra Community’, demands a Legal notice to Bangladesh ministries

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Demanding special provisions for ‘Hijra’ community, a legal notice has been served to various government ministries in Bangladesh. The notice seeks monthly stipends, separate educational...
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Story of resilience and Emergence: Out of Shadows – Alex Sangha

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Emergence: Out of Shadows: Why did Alex find Sher Vancouver? He had come out and was accepted by at least his mother, though still shunned...
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Mina Akbari, an Afghan journalist who fled her country, continues to live under threat from the Taliban regime

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"I received a lot of threats in Afghanistan, the Taliban threatened me with death, even threatened my family, and they are threatening me in Pakistan...