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Growing Extortion activity in Canada has links in India: “South Asian Community is the target”

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“I think this is an opportunity for India to show to Canada that they are willing to cooperate with Canada. If the law enforcement agencies...
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Misappropriation of Religion by the State in South Asia

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On January 22, as the ‘momentous’ occasion of consecration of Ram temple in Ayodhya, a holy town of India takes place, this article expresses a...
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Bangladesh economy: Understanding down slide of once-booming economy

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As Bangladesh gears up for its upcoming general election in January 2024, it has successfully reached a staff-level agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)...
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Bangladesh Dangue Outbreak: With more than 1000 dead, it needs to be contained fast

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Bangladesh Dangue Outbreak: Bangladesh is currently reeling under the worst ever dengue outbreak since the first dengue cases appeared in 2000 in the country. The...
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‘Separate facilities for Hijra Community’, demands a Legal notice to Bangladesh ministries

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Demanding special provisions for ‘Hijra’ community, a legal notice has been served to various government ministries in Bangladesh. The notice seeks monthly stipends, separate educational...
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South Asia in dire need of immediate environment correction

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South Asia is the most environmentally vulnerable region of the world. According to the World Bank Climate Group, the region is living through a “new...