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Comic Con returns to India after a two-year gap

Comic Con India:The most awaited weekend of the year finally arrived in December this year, with the Comic-Con finally happening after the pandemic-induced restrictions. The event this year was bigger, better, and brighter. Enthusiasm ran high as one could catch the glimpse of colorful cosplayers dressed as their favorite comic characters. The fervor fans carried was proof that the event was widely missed by visitors across age groups. 

Comic-Con is a name given to comic conference, the cult that began in the US in the 1960s, and aimed at bringing comic book creators, fans, and enthusiasts to the same stage. The trend soon caught up with the rest of the world and it has now been 10 years since it was organised in India. 

Bigger and Better

Comic Con India, organised on 9, 10, and 11 December was jam-packed, with all roads leading to the venue filled with visitors’ cars. The traffic on the road outside the premises was being managed by diligent traffic police personnel and the event organising team members. Still, the cars queued up for more than a mile. Some visitors had to wait for more than an hour to enter the venue and park their vehicles. Right from the entry point, Comic Con India 2022 had the better view in terms of scale, attendance, and the number of stalls.

Cosplayers Stand Out in Crowd

Comic Con India
Photo: ANM


Cosplaying is the very flavor around which Comic Con revolves, at any place where it is organized in the world. Ardent comic, superhero, and fantasy movie fans dress up as their favorite fictional character to attend the event. The idea is to stand out in the crowd and live the moment. What is astonishing is witnessing the commitment, passion, and emotion that goes into bringing life to a fantasy character. It is breathtakingly impressive to see how the cosplayers score the right props, and make-up articles and go into the intricate details, to look just like the hero they revere and worship. It is just like witnessing a character walking out of the fictional screen into real life. Scores of other visitors and fans queue up to get a photo clicked with such cosplayers and both of them, live the moment. One feels like a superhero while the other feels like he/she actually met the hero of their dreams.

This year’s Comic-Con has kept the fans wanting more and already waiting for the next year’s edition. The countdown has begun!

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