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Detox and Stay Fit During Pandemic
By Dt Sonika Mathur

Toxins in our body not only reduce immunity but also trigger many diseases. Easy and simple changes in eating habits can help us detox on day to day basis.

Many months into pandemic have taught us how good health and immunity can help us fight Covid 19 virus. It is time we also focus on how important it is to detox for good health and achieving great immunity.

Present-day lifestyle and environmental change expose us to plethora of toxins that our body keeps accumulating. Detoxing not only help our body handle day to day health challenges but also keep our body strong enough to fight diseases like Covid 19.

Human body has to deal with the impact of climate change along with the pesticides in fruits and vegetables, preservatives in packaged food that keep depositing in the body. 

Effect of Toxins in Human Body

Human body is designed to clear off these toxins naturally, which is a regular process of our body. The rate at which we are consuming these toxins is increasing by the day.

They slowly start to accumulate inside our body as it can no longer clear them off since we are consuming them at a rate faster than what our body can process and clear them off. This creates toxicity in our body.

Initial symptoms of toxicity are very minor like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, acidity, indigestion, headache, fatigue, skin allergies, acne, poor concentration etc. that are commonly ignored. 

Cause of Toxins in Human Body

We all know that home cooked food is best but these days due to busy work schedule, people prefer eating out over cooking at home. Even while cooking at home, due to shortage of time many a time people either use canned or processed foods or may not clean the fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

Due to demanding and fast lifestyle it may not possible to have home cooked food all the time. Although lockdowns due to pandemic had forced people to stay at home and have home cooked food for months but with the opening of lockdowns and business people are getting back to older lifestyles.

People have to return back to work and old routine even though Corona has not subsided yet. In such a scenario it is all the more important to maintain a good health and great immunity.

Even though we are getting back to routine lifestyle we cannot allow ourselves to compromise on health. We also can’t let the toxins keep accumulating in our body and let it get more and more vulnerable to modern lifestyle diseases. 

Easy ways to detox

We can definitely have a mix of home cooked and outside food and still maintain good health. We need to keep an eye on the calories so as to not gain extra weight. In addition, we also need to keep detoxing our body to get rid of the extra toxins that accumulate in our body on day to day basis.

We need to choose our food wisely to boost the detoxifying cycle and not let the toxins accumulate.

For breakfast

Choose high protein foods like eggs and quinoa as they are rich in Amino Acids to flush out toxins and reduce oxidative stress.

Choose fiber-rich foods items like oats and whole wheat over refined flour to eliminate toxins and improve immunity.

For Lunch and Dinners

Green leafy vegetables should be included in meals as they are rich in many vitamins and minerals. Chlorophyll in these vegetables also help cleanse the intestinal tract and soothes the colon.

Always include salads and soups in lunch and dinner as they are rich in micronutrients. Have cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage etc as they aid in digestion.

Healthy Snacking

Carry citrus fruits like orange and mousambi for a snack as they are natural detoxifiers. Eating these fruits in snack can pacify some effect of eating out which is more often than not calorie-rich and heavy food.

Healthy Options While Eating Out

When eating out, try to have fermented foods like idli, dosa, utthapam, soya, tofu, kadhi, curd etc. 

Daily Detoxing

  • Try to opt for Gluten-free diet for a day or two in a week to help detox faster.
  • Choose coconut water over Carbonated beverages.
  • Drink normal water with a few drops of lemon, sip by sip, every day; at least one bottle with half a lemon squeezed in it, preferably let the lemon peel also be dropped in water. Drink water infused with mint or coriander or some seasonal fruits.

Physical Activities and Detoxing

Also take out some time for physical activity on a regular basis; be it a yoga session, a brisk walk in the morning or a jog in the neighbourhood park.

If you take the walk just after sunrise you get the essential Vitamin D that keeps many body parameters under control.

These simple steps can help us detox on a regular basis and we can enjoy eating out both on account of work demand and to freshen up.

(Dt Sonika Mathur Regional Trainer VLCC Corporate Nutrition)

(The views expressed in the article belong solely to the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion, beliefs and view point of the owners of

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