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Future of Artificial Intelligence: Can it replace human intelligence?

Future of Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have started to take over several human-guided functions and with each passing day, new AI-backed programs and applications are being introduced. With the amount of research and experimentation in the direction of AI and ML, it will take over many more functions and give better results than the tasks carried out by humans. So does this mean AI would replace humans in future?

AI cannot think creatively

According to an article published in The AI Journal, the working of AI-based programs is based on the inputs that are given to the system. This means that the programs do not have the capability to think outside the code, as it does not have a conscious of their own. This further means that AI-based programs cannot go beyond the instructions and be creative on their own. All this because AI and Machine Learning (ML) is a derivative technology and it cannot think of a path on their own. 

The human mind can decide the future of AI technology

In the article, Research on How Human Intelligence, Consciousness, and Cognitive Computing Affect the Development of Artificial Intelligence, published in Complexity journal in 2020, the authors stress the ability of the human mind to decide the future of AI technology. The article stresses that human beings are irreplaceable by AI, although, by the year 2050, a massive development will be witnessed in the field of AI. The research article says that AI can only be a “service provider” for human beings. The authors acknowledge that AI can replace some individuals in some jobs, both while evaluating the whole human race, it is not possible. AI is merely a program and it is not a life form or an animate individual. It is impossible for AI to become a subject like a human, as it has no independent attributes, needs, social behaviour or consciousness. 

AI is aimed to solve human problems

Similar views are shared in the research paper, Refutation And Research Study Of Artificial Intelligence “Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Human Intelligence” (Reality And Fiction), presented at ICMMNT-2021 International Virtual Conference on Materials, Manufacturing and Nanotechnology, in June 2021. The authors raise the point that the primary aim of the programs run by AI technology is to provide solutions to the problems of human beings. Other than that, AI programs do not have any aim or personal projection. The programs are used by people to enhance and upgrade their performance and without the proper inputs, these programs cannot run. 

Although AI technology has turned many eyeballs and has eased several processes and functions, experts and researchers deny it taking over the human race. Despite great progress being made in its direction, it is still a long way till it starts to operate on its own and replace human beings. 

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