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Body chopped: What is motivating murderers to chop cut up dead bodies?

Body chopped: Murder in itself is big news and when someone comes across news of a killing, a shiver runs down the spine. Recently, this element of shock has included another more gruesome angle to it. The news of chopping human bodies, after the murder. This has become a regular feature in the news and every now and then one comes across a news piece of someone chopping someone’s body to dispose of it and get rid of the evidence. 

Shradha Walker murder case

A couple of months ago, news of a young woman, Shradha Walker being murdered by her live-in partner, Aftab Poonawala shocked society. The incident happened in the Indian capital of New Delhi, where the man first murdered his girlfriend and then chopped the body into more than thirty parts. He then disposed of these parts over a time of several days, at different places in a nearby forest. 

The news shook the very foundation of modern society and before the people could overcome the news, several cases of similar nature surfaced within a span of a few days. The news is not stopping and every couple of days something similar happens in one city or the other village. 

How has ‘body chopped news become common

But is chopping a human body, common? How come recent news of similar fashion has started to do rounds in the media? What is wrong with the human psyche and who is motivating these people to go beyond leaps and bounds to commit something so extreme? The questions are many since it is not a sign of a healthy society and it makes one wonder, where are we headed. Another question that strikes the mind is how safe are we as individuals when people with such a mindset, who can not commit murder but carve the corpse into smaller parts, live amongst us. 

What is the reason behind such behavior?

This cannot be linked to one particular reason and incidents of similar fashion have started to happen every now and then. The explanation behind this behavior is not very simple and it is a complex behavior pattern that has taken several people in its grasp. One reason can be anxiety. We can either acknowledge the fact that the recent pandemic has changed us as humans or simply deny it. The choice is ours. The lockdowns, curfews, isolations, work-from-home, and travel restrictions; all these factors have impacted our sub-cautious and altered the way we think. 

People suffered huge losses in business, some lost their near ones, while future plans of several others went down the drain. Everyone suffered in one way or the other. While some got the chance to overcome the losses through business, work, or passion, some people could not do so. The anxiety, sense of loss, sorrow, and even anger is buried deep in many people and they do not know how to vent out these emotions. In fact, most people suffering from such mental impact, are unaware that they are suffering, because it is in the sub cautious. 

It is in a moment when their inner rage takes over them that are they introduced to their hidden side and commit something extreme. It is then that they realize that they have done something unacceptable and to cover up their deed, they go some steps ahead and make it worse. This is not a healthy sign for society and makes one wonder, where are we heading as a collective community? Our social strings are so unattached that we have failed to co-exist. 

Role of uncensored audio-visual content

It is the age of web content, where several mobile and smart tv applications are making international content available to users. But there is a downside to it. It is also showing something that we do not need to watch, or we are not intelligent enough to choose not to watch it. Web series and movies are showing gory and even unnatural content, where humans are shot, decapitated, cut, axed, dismembered and what not. All this is at the cost of entertainment. But, watching such content regularly has altered the way we think and has impacted our sub cautious the most. We have somehow started to take it in a stride and are even okay with watching such content. We have forgotten what happens on-screen can very well happen in reality. 

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