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PM Modi’s Mother Heeraben passes away at 100, tributes pouring in from far and wide


Heeraben Modi: The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi lost his mother, Heeraben, early this morning. Heeraben, who turned 100 this year was laid to rest at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Condolences have been pouring in from people within the country and abroad across party lines.

On June 18th this year, on his mother’s 99th birthday, Narendra Modi wrote a long blog paying homage to his mother highlighting how she had been instrumental in shaping his life and philosophies as he rose from a humble family background to become India’s prime minister.

PM Modi has been visiting her mother in Gujarat on various occasions and was constantly in touch with her despite being busy performing his duties. Videos and photos of his visit to his mother were widely circulated across the media, where the PM was often seen immersed in deep conversations with her. On one occasion, Modi was also seen washing his mother’s feet with his own hands and then applying the water to his eyes. This showed the love and respect he held for her.

Today, when Heeraben is no more, the nation feels for the PM’s loss.

In an emotional and deeply-felt tribute, Modi gave a detailed impression of his mother in public.

In the blog, he highlighted her sacrifices and various aspects of her life which “shaped” his mind, personality, and self-confidence.

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