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India’s High-Speed Roads: How new-age expressways fail to accelerate transport speed

Greenfield highways: India is on the way to becoming a nation that has one of the best road networks in the world. The present Government and especially the Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari are committed to the idea of not just expanding the present road network, but to develop a world-class state-of-the-art road network, that consists of some of the best expressways, greenfield highways, and roads that allow vehicles to travel at high speed. 

This is a dream come true for many Indians, who wish to travel the length and breadth of the nation. The development of the road network would not only bring people closer but would also promote tourism, travel, and commerce. There however is one aspect that is being ignored, yet again. The state of transporters, logistic service providers, and the condition of truck drivers in the country. 

Transport is the backbone of any economy and for a large country like India, it is all the more crucial as a major portion of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is driven by the function. Despite this, the condition of the transport service providers has not improved in India. There are many reasons for the same and no particular government has taken any steps to address the issues that prevail. 

Truck Drivers are Not Technologically Literate

One of the major challenges faced by logistics service providers is that the drivers are not very tech-savvy. Most of the applications and software that have been developed in our country require the users to be aware of the technology. Almost every function with the service of transport is mapped by mobile apps and the drivers cannot access the same. 

Rampant Corruption

Another rampant practice in the country is corruption at the ground level. Truckers have to get the vehicles inspected at various state and district borders while plying on a route. They are often harassed by the functionaries and officials of the concerned departments. This makes them pay some amount to them to pass through the check-post.

Not Following Road Traffic Rules

Even in the recently inaugurated expressways, one can see the truckers not sticking to a particular lane and not following the speed limits. 

All these prevalent issues slow down the speed at which the development is expected to take place, even after humungous investment by the Government. 

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