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Seema Haider and Anju, epitome of cross border romance via online dating

Kavita Sharma

Seema Haider of Pakistan and Anju from India, both mother of four and two children respectively have made headlines for their unusual love stories and have much in common. Both, belong to enemy country, India and Pakistan, both married with children, crossed the borders to unite with their lovers they met through online mode, changed their religion and re-married never to return back to their country of origin and native family

In the times of dating apps and digital connectivity which transcends borders, love story of Anju and Seema becomes an epitome of modern relationships, developed through digital technologies which led the women flee their respective countries, risk their lives for the sake of uniting with their love from a rival country and making headlines for ‘love’ and not ‘hatred’.

The decisions of Anju and Seema is cosidered bold with legal and diplomatic challenges and investigating agencies are trying to find out possibilities of any foul play.

Unusual Love Story of Anju and Seema Haider

Indian women Anju met Nasrullah on Facebook, and Pakistani women Seema Haider met Sachin Meena through a popular an online game PUB-G. Both women fell in love with their online friends and decided to spend rest of their live with them despite being in a marital relationship for years.

The only difference between them is Anju entered Pakistan on legal documents through Wagah border while Seema Haider entered India illegally with her four kids in the month of May via Nepal border.

On her arrival in India, 30 year old Seema Haider the Pakistani women was interrogated by the Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorism Squad. After which she submitted a mercy petition to the President Droupadi Murmu seeking permission to live with her supposed Husband 22 year old Sachin Meena whom she had married in Pashupati Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. In a mercy petition to the President, Haider has explained how she had embraced Hinduism and got married to Sachin Meena

following Hindu rituals. ”If you show some mercy, the petitioner will spend the rest of her life with her husband, four minor children and matrimonial relative, will be grateful that you gave a chance to make something of myself and to be a source of strength and support matrimonial petitioner can. The petitioner will finally be able live a life of dignity in India, “ Haider stated in a petition.

Seema Haider hails from Sindh province in Pakistan. She got in touch with Meena through online game PUBG in 2019-20 and they started talking on whatsapp and Instagram before falling in love with each other. Haider was arrested by local authorities of Greater Noida in UP on July 4, for illegally entering India and got bail on July 7. Since then she is staying in Greater Noida with Sachin Meena.

On the other hand Anju had fallen in love with Nasrullah (who resides in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province) through facebook, and went to Pakistan. According to media reports of Pakistan, Anju has embraced Islam and become Fatima now. After reaching Pakistan and meeting her friend Nasrullah, Anju through a video message informed everyone in India that she is in Pakistan and have gone there legally, in a planned manner. She also said she is safe in Pakistan and will soon return to India. But after one day her news of converting to Islam religion and marrying Nasrullah shocked everyone. Now the 34 year old Anju a mother of two have tied the knot with 29 year old Nasrullah in a local court. Anju has a 15 year old daughter and six year old son and left her home on the pretext of visiting Jaipur.

Meanwhile Seema Haider has applied for Indian Citizenship and Anju who has converted to Islam after Christanity will reside in Pakistan. Anju’s father and her husband are very disappointed by her decision and want to dissociate with her now. According to Anju’s father Gaya Prasad Thomas, “ She has ruined the future of her kids, her family. She is dead for us.” They will not ask the govt. to get her back, he said. Although Anju, through her video messages is still denying she has not converted and will be back soon.

Seema Haider, now residing in Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh is happy with Sachin Meena in India, and Anju through a video message too says she is happy with her decision.

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