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Nepal to sell electricity to Bangladesh via India: New possibilities emerging in the region

Nepal to sell electricity: It is being seen as a major move that would not only benefit the economy of Nepal, but would also boost the ties between three South Asian nations; India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. A plan is being considered among the three neighboring nations, wherein Nepal would be able to sell electricity to Bangladesh and it would be supplied through the Indian grid. It is a major step toward the development of regional cooperation and would benefit each stakeholder in one way or the other. 

First-of-its-kind project

In 2021, Nepal started to export electricity to India and now it would further export another 50 Mega Watt (MW). It is expected to boost the economy of Nepal in a big way. The plan was earlier considered a tentative development, but people close to the matter believe that India is ready to give the project a go-ahead. Once it is approved, it would be the first-of-its-kind project in the region, where three different countries would partner in such a project. 

An ambitious project for Nepal

This project is highly ambitious from Nepal’s point of view, while such a move can also pave way for future collaborations in trade and commerce among the countries. In the said project, while Nepal would export electricity to Bangladesh, India would allow them to use their land and infrastructure for the project. In the initial stage of the project, 50 MW of electricity would be transported to Bangladesh via India. 

Official announcement in February

The official announcements regarding the project are yet to be made and the details of the project will be finalized when the Indian and Nepalese officials meet in the third week of February in New Delhi. India and Bangladesh already have an existing electricity trade agreement, while Nepal is also selling electricity to India. This would be the first agreement, involving the three countries. 

According to Nepal Electricity Authority chief Kul Man Ghising, Nepal is expected to transfer electricity to Bangladesh in the next three months. He said, “Although it is a small amount of electricity to export to another country, we are still very excited as this project would open the door to the regional market for Nepal”.

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