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Unemployment and Economic Struggles big concerns in Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan’s Chief Minister, Haji Gulbar Khan, recently held a significant press conference in the Chilas district. He addressed pressing issues faced by the region’s populace during the conference. According to reports from the local news channel Pamir Times, Khan emphasized the critical problem of unemployment plaguing Gilgit Baltistan (GB), particularly spotlighting the challenges in the Diamer district.

During the press conference held on Sunday evening, CM Khan underscored that while unemployment remains a national concern, it has disproportionately affected GB for an extended period. He lamented the stark reality of Diamer, which despite hosting major projects like the Basha Dam under the auspices of Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), continues to grapple with high unemployment rates.

“The promises made by WAPDA at the outset of the Basha Dam project remain unfulfilled,” stated Khan. “Despite numerous discussions with various governments, around 2500 undergraduate youths in Diamer remain unemployed. WAPDA had the potential to ameliorate the employment landscape in the region through this project, but unfortunately, their commitments have not materialized.”

Highlighting the urgency of addressing unemployment, Khan affirmed efforts to expedite infrastructure projects like the Babusar tunnel. He also pledged to operationalize various districts within GB to further tackle this issue. Additionally, he addressed the plight of the region’s residents, who face high taxation and the revocation of subsidies on essential commodities like wheat. This exacerbates financial burdens amid soaring inflation rates.

Last month, residents of the Ishkoman area staged protests against flour shortages, underscoring the economic hardships faced by the populace. A local leader criticized the stark contrast in subsidies between GB and other provinces, highlighting the disparity in governmental support.

“Mere lip service from elected representatives is no longer acceptable,” remarked the leader. “While other provinces receive substantial subsidies, GB remains neglected. It’s time our elected officials advocate more assertively for our rights and needs.”

Expressing resolve, another leader articulated the community’s readiness to mobilize for their demands if necessary. “We will engage in dialogue initially, but if our demands are not met, we are prepared to take action,” they asserted. “Our determination remains steadfast, regardless of any obstacles we may encounter.”

GB faces multifaceted challenges, including unemployment and economic disparities. CM Khan’s press conference serves as a clarion call for action and accountability amidst these issues. The region’s residents, long marginalized and underserved, await tangible solutions and equitable support from governmental authorities.

Khan’s address highlights the urgent need for systemic change and emphasizes collaborative efforts between government agencies and community stakeholders. These efforts are crucial in addressing the socio-economic disparities that continue to plague Gilgit Baltistan. Only through concerted action and genuine commitment to uplifting marginalized communities can the region realize its full potential and prosperity.

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