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With nano-additive LPG promises to enhance culinary experience

Indian Oil proudly announced its collaboration with celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor as the brand ambassador for its innovative Indane XTRATEJ LPG brand.

Indian Oil markets its differentiated LPG with nano-additive under the brand name Indane XTRATEJ, for commercial and industrial applications.

Mr. K Sailendra, Executive Director (LPG) while making the announcement in an event in Bangaluru, highlighted the substantial efforts invested by the R&D team to craft an additive for LPG, which resulted in the innovative product, XTRATEJ. The product’s initial trial took place in Belgaum, Karnataka, and since then, Indian Oil has observed significant year-on-year growth in market volume. Mr. Sailendra emphasized the forthcoming launch of a high-pressure variable regulator and a commercial LPG Hose, which are currently awaiting approval from LERC, underscoring IndianOil’s commitment to supporting hoteliers and caterer.

Indane XTRATEJ results in reduced fuel consumption and more savings, due to the improved heat output/efficiency. This has been possible with the indigenous additive developed by Indian Oil’s R&D division.

Indane XTRATEJ has been evaluated in laboratories and validated at customer sites during the field evaluation. The following benefits have been observed during the field trials:

  • Savings of minimum 5% in consumption of LPG at different customer sites.
  • Reduction in cooking time by minimum 14% when pressure cooking
  • Increase of flame temperature by minimum 65 degrees Celsius at select customer sites
    A minimum savings of 5% in the use of LPG and rise in flame temperature by minimum 65 degrees Celsius have been independently verified and certified by Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi.

Mr. Sathish Kumar, Director (Marketing), underscored IndianOil’s enduring commitment to customers. While IndianOil initially focused on domestic segments, the company now extends its prowess to commercial sectors. Holding a remarkable 45 percent market share, IndianOil caters to a staggering 16 crore customers connections and delivers 27 lakh cylinders daily. This achievement is bolstered by an expansive distributor network and modern LPG bottling plants. IndianOil’s progressive product lineup prioritizes green fuels and energy-efficient solutions. XTRATEJ, a game-changing product, promises a minimum 5 percent efficiency boost, with potential for more based on usage.

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