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Women’s Reservation Bill becomes the first Bill to be introduced and passed in the New Parliament.

Kavita Sharma

The Five days Special Session called by the Central government comes to an end in four days only, and Women’s Reservation Bill becomes the first bill to be cleared from both the houses.  It is a historic go that the much-awaited Women’s Bill with 33% reservation for women in Lok Sabha and State Assemblies have finally passed by the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. Women MPs were seen celebrating their victory outside the Parliament house, greeting and sharing sweets with each other. They also welcomed and thanked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who came to meet them after the bill was passed in Rajya Sabha on Thursday.  Women MPs Meenakshi lekhi, Smriti Irani, PT Usha and many other looks pleased as they presented a bouquet to the PM.

The Special session started in the old building on September 18th and the Parliamentarians shifted to the new building on Sept 19. After the welcome speech of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Women Reservation Bill also called as Nari Shakti Vandan Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha. It passed with 454 votes in favour and two against it.  The Bill was then introduced in Rajya Sabha on 21 Sept and it passed with all 214 MPs in favour of it. Both the houses are now adjourned and this how five days session ended in four days only. The Bill will now be sent to the State Assemblies and after passing by 50 % of the assemblies it will be sent to the President of India. The Bill will become a law after his approval and signature.

In order to thank the women workers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to BJP Headquaters in Delhi and addressed them. He congratulated the women for the passing of this Nari Shakti Vandan Bill. He said even after the hurdles and obstacles of so many years we have created history, when intentions are pure, we witness good results. He also thanked all the Parliamantarians for voting in favour of the Bill. PM Modi said his government made all attempts to bring more and more women schemes. He congratulated the mothers, sisters and daughters of the country in believing in him. Women workers felicitated Narendra Modi with garlands. They were seen dancing and singing at the BJP headquaters in the National capital. They are praising PM Modi for treating the women with respect and dignity.

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