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Indian Republic Day: What it means for the country of 1.4 billion?

The 26th of January is just around the corner and this day is observed as the Republic Day of India. On this day in 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect and replaced the Government of India Act 1935 as India’s governing document. On this day, the country was officially turned into a separate state, from the British Raj. It was on November 26, 1949, the constitution was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly, and came into effect two months later. 26 January was chosen for Republic Day because it was on the same date in 1930, the Indian National Congress proclaimed the Declaration of Indian Independence. 

But it is much more than just a public holiday for India and its citizens. The day has some deep-lying sentiments and it means much more to India.

A celebration of democracy

It is a day dedicated to the celebration of democracy. India is not only the largest democracy in the world but it was also called the “Mother of Democracy” by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in his address to the United Nations General Assembly, in 2021. The unfurling of the national flag, the Tricolour, by the Prime Minister, the tribute paid to the soldiers who laid their lives for the country, and the celebration of the country’s culture and heritage, heighten the spirit of the nation. It is a day that promotes oneness and common belonging to the idea of a democratic nation. 

Military might

India has the second-largest defense system in the world over 1.4 million active personnel. Its military might be greater than most modern-day countries and is even bigger in number, than that of the United States, North Korea, and Russia. The Indian Republic Day is marked with honorary parades of its military contingents, troops, battalions, and even its mighty weapons. The President of India, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces, takes the salute. This is the day, millions of Indian citizens and the world is able to witness the soldierly side of the nation. Indians who watch the parades live on the tv, or in person at the Kartavya Path in New Delhi are left with a great sense of pride and honor. 

A promise of a brighter future

India is growing and taking over other countries, in areas it had earlier never ventured into. It is the time when more countries of the western world are taking into consideration, “the India factor”. The future looks promising for the country and its 1.4 billion people. Celebration of such days instills an unfading feeling of patriotism, nationalism, and pride among the people. It is very important for the people of such a huge nation, to carry a sense of belonging to the nation, which is not just their identity, but a motherland. 

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