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Opportunities galore for Indian students abroad

Indian students can benefit immensely from better opportunities in international universities

Indian students who are interested in pursuing higher education in international universities can benefit greatly from the many opportunities that are available to them. With the globalization of education and the increase in access to technology and information, students from India can now take advantage of a variety of resources to help them succeed in their academic and professional pursuits.

The statistics study given out by RedSeer says that by 2024, around 1.8 million students will be spending around 85 million USD on their education abroad. It is estimated that over 30 lakh Indians went abroad for higher studies between 2017 and 2022. 12% of Indian students studying abroad for higher education are from Andhra Pradesh, 12% from Punjab, and 11% from Maharashtra.

Co-Founder of Study Metro – Mr Abhishek Bajaj says One of the main benefits of studying at an international university is the exposure to a diverse range of people and cultures. This can broaden a student’s worldview, enhance their communication skills, and provide them with a unique perspective on global issues. According to, 70% of Indian students studying abroad for higher education cite better quality of education, 68% cite greater career prospects, and 50% cite the graduate route (2-year work visa after study) as their top three reasons.

Furthermore, many international universities offer scholarships and financial aid to international students, making it more affordable for Indian students to pursue higher education abroad. In addition, some universities may offer internship and work-study programs that can help students gain valuable work experience while also earning money to help cover their expenses. And these all information one can garner from companies like Study Metro who provides counseling for study overseas programs

To take advantage of these benefits, Indian students should start by researching different international universities and identifying those that offer programs that align with their academic and career goals. They should also consider factors such as location, cost of living, and language requirements when selecting a university.

In conclusion, Indian students can greatly benefit from pursuing higher education in international universities. By taking advantage of the many resources and opportunities available, students can develop new skills, gain valuable experience, and broaden their horizons in ways that can positively impact their academic and professional careers.

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