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New year begins with huge traffic jam at New Delhi intersection 

New Year: Massive traffic jams were the highlight of the new year’s morning, for the people of New Delhi, India. The Delhi Traffic Police had shared a tweet earlier on December 30, urging commuters to avoid a major intersection, Ashram, located in South Delhi.

Here, some major roads connect together, while inter-city traffic moving towards the nearby towns also passes this place. The place has been going through major renovation activities due to the upcoming new elevated road project. This caused massive traffic jams during peak hours and the administration anticipated even worse congestion on new year’s eve. Despite the tweet being shared and the same information shared in the newspapers, Ashram witnessed a giant traffic jam during the morning hours of January 1.

As a major relief for the residents of New Delhi, there were no major jams witnessed around new year’s eve. It is a common site to witness traffic-clogged roads across the National Capital Region (NCR) in India on various occasions. Rain, road renovation, and the festive season are the major reasons behind such a situation. This time, new year’s eve was celebrated without any restrictions that prevailed in the last two years due to covid-19. People across the country ringed in the new year with a great festive spirit without any administrative guidelines to hold them back. 

The sense of relief was visible on the roads of New Delhi, in a typical year-end celebration style, with roads packed with reveler-laden cars and bikes. Clubs, pubs, and bars were fully booked with their new year’s special party packages, while a huge number of devotees thronged the multiple religious places located around the historical city of Delhi. In a nutshell, it was an old-fashioned new year’s celebration that was witnessed after a much-despised pause. 

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