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Delhi in the grip of “severe cold conditions”

Severe Cold: The severe cold wave has gripped northern India, with the capital Delhi recording a minimum temperature close to 1.1 degrees in some areas. This is the harshest cold wave in two years. There is no respite during the day either as several parts of Delhi coming under “severe cold conditions, even as the fog continued to play havoc in most of north India.

There has been not much difference in day and night temperature. the maximum temperature is recorded at around 16 degrees. Low or no sunlight conditions and low speed is adding up to the cold-wave conditions.

For cold conditions, the minimum temperature must be below 10 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature to be 4.5 degrees Celsius below normal.

According to the weather department cold is expected to continue till Friday and after that, the temperature would start getting to the normal levels of the season.

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