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Sudden cracks in eco-sensitive hill region in Uttarakhand of India, many families relocated

Uttarakhand cracks: Joshimath district in the Uttarakhand state which constitute the hilly terrain and is considered a very high seismic sensitive zone-v developed cracks in the houses, buildings and hills causing a danger on the lives of around 600 people.

As a precautionary measures the state government has ordered the evacuation of the effected families and the tourists have been barred from booking the hotels in the area. Many of the high rise hotels have suddenly tilted and cracks are showing with new water bodies making way. The situation and created panic in the hill state which is a tourist attraction and attracting huge crowd for winter tourism.

Taking in consideration the topography and the geographical location of Joshimath, experts on the subject have been since years mentioning the threat that exists. The region is located on the particular tectonic plates beneath the surface that are prone to moving and shifting. Not only this, there are other factors that add to the worry of a major shift in the rocky terrain. One reason is the unorganized and uncontrolled commercialisation of the area.

Road network has developed massively in the last few years in India and remote, distant places are now connected to major cities and metros. This, although has brought in a lot of traffic, but has also led to extensive construction activities, which have not only disturbed the natural landscape of the hilly region, but has also given rise in incidents of dumping of construction debris into the valleys.

The chief minister of the state has issued a warning and the corrective measures are being enforced to look into the cause and immediate relief. But there is an immediate need to look into the actual matter pertaining to uncontrolled construction activities that are being carried out, not only in the state of Uttarakhand, but across the Himalayan belt in India.

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