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World Bank Announces $84 Million Aid Package for Afghanistan

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The World Bank has stepped forward to extend a helping hand to Afghanistan with an aid package worth USD 84 million. This vital assistance is part of the International Development Association’s efforts under the Afghanistan Community Resilience and Livelihoods Project.

**Expanding Support for Livelihoods and Services**

On Tuesday, the World Bank revealed its decision to allocate the aid towards enhancing livelihoods and essential services in both urban and rural areas across Afghanistan. This significant move comes in the wake of ongoing efforts to bolster community resilience and well-being in the nation.

The Afghanistan Community Resilience and Livelihoods Project, which commenced in 2022 with an initial grant of USD 265 million from the Afghanistan Resilience Trust Fund, focuses on a range of initiatives. These include providing livelihood support, delivering services in rural and urban settings, extending social grants to women and vulnerable populations, and fortifying community institutions to ensure inclusive service delivery.


Empowering Communities and Fostering Inclusive Growth

Melinda Good, World Bank Country Director for Afghanistan, emphasized the project’s impact over the past 18 months. She underscored its role in establishing a robust service delivery platform and operational model capable of delivering jobs, essential services, and assets on a large scale. Good highlighted the project’s commitment to reaching women and marginalized groups, ensuring their active participation in Afghanistan’s development journey.

With the infusion of new assistance, the project aims to expand its reach to encompass more rural and urban areas, with a special focus on enhancing services for women. The aid package will also facilitate the provision of employment opportunities for returning migrants to Afghanistan, contributing to the nation’s economic recovery efforts.


Transformative Impact on Afghan Communities

According to the World Bank’s announcement, the Afghanistan Community Resilience and Livelihoods Project has already made significant strides in improving the lives of Afghan families. To date, the project has generated short-term employment opportunities for over 776,000 Afghan families, benefiting approximately 5.4 million individuals across the country.

Furthermore, more than 92,200 vulnerable families, including those headed by women, have received crucial assistance in the form of cash or in-kind support. Additionally, nearly 7.4 million Afghans have gained access to vital social services such as improved roads, healthcare facilities, and clean drinking water, thanks to the project’s interventions.

Over the past two years, the project has also prioritized capacity building and skill development, with over 2.1 million people receiving training in areas such as health and nutrition, climate change adaptation, and disaster risk management. These efforts are aimed at equipping Afghan communities with the knowledge and tools needed to address pressing challenges and build a more resilient future.


A ray of Hope in Challenging Times

Amidst ongoing socio-economic challenges and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the World Bank’s aid package offers a ray of hope for millions of Afghans striving to rebuild their lives and communities. By investing in livelihoods, essential services, and inclusive development initiatives, the project is not only addressing immediate needs but also laying the groundwork for long-term resilience and prosperity in the nation.

As the Afghanistan Community Resilience and Livelihoods Project continues to expand its reach and impact, it stands as a testament to the enduring commitment of the international community to support Afghanistan on its path towards stability, development, and inclusive growth.

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