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Why are Youngsters Prioritizing Career Over Relationships?

Career over relationships: The very idea of human existence is based on the formation of a marital union between a man and a woman. For thousands of years, marriage is the pillar upon which human civilization rests. A wedded couple takes the family forward by giving birth to the future of the race. And yet, procreating is not the central idea of this relationship, other attributes of civilized society such as property ownership, lineage, inheritance, and financial security revolve around marriage.

But what is it with the new generation, who is giving maximum priority to their respective careers rather than hurrying to get married? After all, that is the whole essence of our lives, or is it not? 

Reasons for choosing career over relationships:

Financial Literacy

The standout reason in this direction is the rise in financial literacy in the past few years. The new generation is very familiar with most of the financial terms and the idea of making and securing money is not limited to a particular education stream. Social media and the availability of international bestseller books on money planning on e-commerce platforms have made it very convenient for more people to understand the value of saving and planning funds. The younger generation is more technology savvy and is familiar with investing their payout, in a few clicks. This financial literacy has eroded financial security as one of the reasons why people get married.

Increased Payouts

More and more youngsters are being paid very high salaries. This amount, if compared with their respective parent’s salaries of a few decades ago is far higher. A high salary not just provides financial independence, but also demands additional hours of effort and hard work at work. The amount of money earned in salaries and the number of hours given at work are directly proportional. More people choose to earn more money and dedicate their time to work and career growth, which would further increase the pay scale. In such a situation, marriage and relationships take a back seat. 

Advancement in Science 

Earlier, people got married at a very young age as they believed that it becomes difficult to reproduce after a certain time in the human lifecycle. Women were even forced to marry out of their will because they would not be able to bear children after a particular age. This is not the case now. The remarkable advancement that the fertility and childbirth segment of science has witnessed, makes it possible for married couples to procreate even after their age limits them. This has given more confidence to the young working professionals, who focus on their career and choose their partner, not because of any social pressure, but letting the right person appear in their life, without force!

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