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Pigeonholing Voters-An old electoral gimmick to carpet development failures in India!

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it is impossible to divide citizens from their multiple identities or even clinically separate a politically imagined identity of a future ‘beneficiary’ that will cast...
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SC of India overturns Chandigarh mayoral poll result, says would not allow “democracy to be murdered”

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NEW DELHI: In a major setback to the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party the Supreme Court of India on Tuesday overturned the result of the union...
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Pakistan elections: Uncertain alliance amid rigging allegations

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Political uncertainty continued in Pakistan even after two weeks of general election with allegations of large-scale rigging by the jailed former PM Imran Khan’s Pakistan...
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Double Whammy for Indian students’ Canada dream: Housing crises in Canada and sharp dip in Visa clearance

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An exclusive on how a cap on students’ visa due to housing crises and significant dip in clearance of visa applications majorly impacts Canadian dream...
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Growing Extortion activity in Canada has links in India: “South Asian Community is the target”

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“I think this is an opportunity for India to show to Canada that they are willing to cooperate with Canada. If the law enforcement agencies...