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Double Whammy for Indian students’ Canada dream: Housing crises in Canada and sharp dip in Visa clearance

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An exclusive on how a cap on students’ visa due to housing crises and significant dip in clearance of visa applications majorly impacts Canadian dream...
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Growing unemployment in Canada!! Genuine crises or fudging of system to hire migrants as ‘cheap labour’

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Tale of a Canadian citizen with Canadian degree and Canadian work experience, also a citizenship who cannot be hired while those with a visitor visa...
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Israel, Palestine and Hamas: Understanding Conflict

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Since October 7 when Hamas, a dominant militant group in control of Palestine attacked Israel thousands have died from both sides and nearly 12,000 injured...
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A case of No Confidence Motion, Red Fort address and lost opportunity

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Red fort address to the nation by the PM within a gap of a few days of his Parliament response to no-confidence motion was another...