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Indian Navy Rescues 23 Pakistani Fishermen from Somali Pirates in Arabian Sea Operation

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In a daring 12-hour-long operation in the Arabian Sea, the Indian Navy successfully rescued 23 Pakistani fishermen from the clutches of Somali pirates aboard the hijacked vessel FV Al-Kambar. The operation, conducted on March 29, saw the Indian Navy vessels INS Sumedha and INS Trishul intercepting the hijacked vessel and coercing the pirates to surrender without resorting to bloodshed.

This marks the second instance in recent times where the Indian Navy has managed to thwart pirate activities without any casualties. Earlier this month, a similar operation saw over 30 Somali pirates surrendering to the INS Kolkata, which had intercepted a merchant vessel being used as a mother ship by the pirates.

“The Indian Navy remains committed to ensuring maritime security in the region and safety of seafarers, irrespective of their nationalities,” stated the Indian Navy in response to the successful operation.

Highlighting its dedication to maintaining maritime security, the Indian Navy had earlier this year responded to a distress call from a merchant vessel in the Gulf of Aden, rescuing 21 crew members, including one Indian national, after the vessel was attacked and set ablaze by a missile.

“The Indian Navy is committed to maintaining maritime security and ensuring the safety of seafarers navigating through these perilous waters. This action by the Indian Navy serves as a testament to India’s resolve to combat piracy and uphold international maritime laws,” reiterated the Indian Navy in a statement following the successful rescue mission.

With its swift and decisive actions, the Indian Navy continues to play a crucial role in combating piracy and safeguarding the waters of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

The latest rescue mission was prompted by a distress call from an Iranian fishing vessel approximately 90 nautical miles southwest of Socotra, where nine armed pirates had boarded the vessel. Responding swiftly, the Indian Navy intercepted the hijacked vessel on March 29 and ensured the safe evacuation of the crew.

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