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Amid Troop Withdrawal India and Maldives Forge enhanced bilateral cooperation

In a recent development, India and the Maldives recently concluded their fourth bilateral High-Level Core Group meeting. The meeting, held on Friday, focused on reviewing the replacement of Indian military personnel from the island nation by May 10.

The discussions also encompassed various aspects of bilateral cooperation, including development and defense.

Earlier, the Maldives government, under the leadership of Mohamed Muizzu, formally requested the withdrawal of Indian troops from Male, the capital city.

This move marked a pivotal moment in the relationship between the two countries. In response to the request, both sides engaged in constructive dialogue to address the concerns and ensure a smooth transition.

According to a press release by the Maldives foreign ministry, the meeting yielded positive outcomes. It was noted with satisfaction that the Government of India is committed to replacing military personnel stationed in the Maldives by the specified deadline.

Moreover, all logistical arrangements are proceeding as per schedule, indicating a seamless transition process.

The press release further highlighted the extensive scope of discussions, which encompassed a wide range of issues of mutual interest. Among these topics, development and defense cooperation featured prominently. Both nations expressed their contentment with the existing level of bilateral cooperation and reiterated their commitment to further enhancing ties.

Fifth High-Level Core Group Meeting Scheduled in Male

In a bid to sustain the momentum of dialogue and cooperation, the parties agreed to hold the fifth meeting of the High-Level Core Group in Male, the capital of the Maldives.

The precise date for the meeting will be mutually agreed upon and is expected to take place during the months of June or July. This forthcoming meeting signifies the continued commitment of both India and the Maldives to foster a robust and enduring partnership.

The Ministry of External Affairs of India had previously announced the commencement of the replacement process. This included the deployment of technical personnel in the Maldives.

This proactive step underscores India’s commitment to supporting the Maldives in various capacities, including humanitarian and medical evacuation services.

Furthermore, both countries have reached a consensus on implementing mutually workable solutions. This aims to ensure the uninterrupted operation of Indian aviation platforms in the Maldives.

These platforms play a crucial role in providing essential services to the people of the Maldives, particularly in times of emergencies.

The removal of Indian troops from the Maldives was a central theme in the election campaign of Mohamed Muizzu’s party.

With approximately 70 Indian troops currently stationed in the Maldives, along with essential aircraft assets such as the Dornier 228 maritime patrol aircraft and HAL Dhruv helicopters, this transition marks a significant development in the security landscape of the region.

India and the Maldives have demonstrated a commitment to maintaining cordial relations and addressing mutual concerns through diplomatic dialogue. The successful conclusion of the fourth High-Level Core Group meeting underscores the depth of cooperation between the two nations. It also sets the stage for further collaboration in the future.

As the deadline for the replacement of Indian military personnel approaches, all eyes are on the progress of logistical arrangements. The focus is on ensuring the seamless execution of the transition process. With both countries reaffirming their commitment to mutual cooperation and understanding, a new chapter in the bilateral relationship between India and the Maldives is on the horizon.

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