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Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi calls ‘Babbar Sher’ toParty Workers, Urges to Save Constitution

Ahead of the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi, a prominent leader of the Congress party, addressed party workers. He emphasized the critical nature of the upcoming polls.

In a video message delivered in both Hindi and English, Gandhi highlighted the significance of this election. He emphasized that it is not just ordinary but aimed at safeguarding the Constitution and democracy.

“You are the backbone of our party. I thought that since it is election time, I should talk to you directly. “This is not an ordinary election,” Gandhi said in his message. “This is an election to save the Constitution and democracy, in which ‘Babbar Sher’ (lion-hearted) workers like you have a huge responsibility.”

Gandhi commended the dedication of Congress workers, labeling them as the backbone of the party. He stressed that their responsibility in this election extends beyond the ordinary. They stand as defenders of the Congress ideology, deeply ingrained in their beliefs.

Accusing the BJP and its ideological ally, the RSS, of posing a threat to the fundamental values of India, Gandhi asserted that they are systematically undermining the country’s democratic institutions and constitutional framework. He called upon Congress workers to confront this ideology on every front, be it on the streets or in rural areas.

Asserting confidence in the Congress’s ability to counter the BJP’s agenda, Gandhi urged party workers to convey to the public the dire consequences of the BJP’s policies. He accused the ruling party of attacking the very essence of India. Gandhi warned that they are eroding the foundations of the Constitution.

Gandhi lauded the Congress manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections, praising its commitments. These include financial aid for economically disadvantaged women, securing apprenticeship rights, and ensuring a minimum support price for farmers. He urged party workers to disseminate these key points to the electorate. He emphasized that the manifesto was shaped by the voices of the people.

Expressing gratitude to party workers for their contributions to the manifesto, Gandhi affirmed his trust in their commitment and dedication. He conveyed his best wishes to them, recognizing their crucial role in the electoral process.

The Congress party had earlier released its manifesto titled ‘Nyay Patra,’ outlining its vision and promises for the upcoming elections. Jairam Ramesh, a general secretary of the Congress, shared Gandhi’s video message. In it, Gandhi expressed confidence in the party’s prospects and anticipated a change in government.

As the nation prepares for the Lok Sabha elections, set to occur in seven phases from April 19 to June 1, anticipation rises. Many eagerly await the outcome, scheduled for counting on June 4, hoping for a potential shift in the political landscape.

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