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Rise of Digital Carbon Currencies: Google’s Carbon Tracking Tools offer a Glimpse into the future

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Navigating the Future: The Rise of Digital Carbon Currencies…discusses the concept of digital carbon currencies as a potential innovative solution to address climate change. It...
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Bangladesh Dangue Outbreak: With more than 1000 dead, it needs to be contained fast

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Bangladesh Dangue Outbreak: Bangladesh is currently reeling under the worst ever dengue outbreak since the first dengue cases appeared in 2000 in the country. The...
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Rain fury in Himalayan range!! Natural disaster or human greed?

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Fury caused by torrential rains on the hills of north India have not stopped even as the four month south-west monsoon season is nearing its...

Fire fury in British Columbia, a natural phenomenon going wild with climate change!!

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Many of the fires are a result of lightening and caused due to tinder dry conditions, caused due to lack of rains. As the rains...
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Oceans absorbing excessive carbon…..Phenomenon needs an urgent check

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Oceans have become the planet’s carbon sink. Due to the excessive carbon absorbed by the oceans, dire consequences are happening which include melting of ice,...
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Current Politics in Maldives has Colonial roots!!

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Maldives, although had received a larger share of maritime area according to the international tribunal’s ruling, still opposed the allotment of the Chagos Islands to...