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Honey and Herbs for Good Health in Covid By Binny Yadav

Building Immunity during corona pandemic the sweet way.

Covid 19 pandemic has put entire focus of people world over on health. Prevention is considered the best bet in absence of cure for corona virus and the biggest thrust is on building immunity to keep corona virus at bay.

Ever since covid 19 was declared a pandemic, medical professionals the world over have been insisting on building immunity and suggesting resorting to consumption of vitamins along with citrus fruits, vegetables for nutrients, healthy food, exercising, meditation and yoga.

In order to building immunity during corona the natural way, people have been extensively using traditional spices and herbal concoctions which their older generations used and have also been popularly used by alternate medicinal systems like Ayurveda and Unani specially in South Asian countries.

Herbs like Tulsi (Indian Basil), Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) etc and spices like turmeric, cinnamon, clove and pepper which have traditionally been used in Asian kitchens specially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and also for medicinal purposes have become so popular in day-to-day use that many business companies have jumped into the market to cash on the trends with over-the-counter ready -to-use concoctions.

These are not only the companies which have been in the fray of natural products and medicines for ages, but multinationals and many more new brands are jumping into the consumer market to catch the growing trends of home-made remedies for prevention and cure for corona virus.

There are also those who are trying to be more innovative while catching up people’s nerve to build up immunity to prevent corona virus.

Traditional Jaggery and Honey Sweets at ABS
Traditional Jaggery and Honey Sweets at ABS

In times of corona Anything But Sugar (ABS) has hit the health conscious people’s nerve by replacing sugar as sweetener in sweets and confectionaries with honey and other traditionally used mediums like jaggery and dates.

“We can’t discount the benefits of honey as a sweetener only. It has abundance of health benefits besides power to building immunity. ABS is a healthy alternative to the sweet tooth,” says Ved Pohoja, the founding partner of ABS.

Boosting Immunity During Covid

Thrust on building immunity during covid has been so much that many business houses have come out with everything whatever has been a traditional and natural way of building immunity in packaged bottles and ready-made sachets and even in form of sweets and confectioners as has been launched by ABS at their experimental store in upmarket defence colony of posh South Delhi area.

“Our products are purely for the niche consumers who are health conscious and look for quality product with varied health benefits,” elaborates Anuradha a partner in ABS.

When many companies are exploiting the use of herbs like Ashvagandha and tulsi and have launched ready to use ‘honey mixed with lemon’–as has been traditionally used for boosting good health and ‘honey with Ashwagandha’–which has been suggested by Ayurveda practitioner as a supportive cure for corona virus infection, these are counting on the benefits of medicinal herbs which have even been suggested by the government agencies in many South Asian countries like India for the prevention of corona virus.

ABS, which has its base of natural sweeteners as medium for traditional sweets and confectionaries has used benefits of honey, jaggery and dates which have been strongly suggested by nutritionists and alternative medicine practitioners to be used as strong case for building immunity and health for prevention for corona.

Benefits of Honey for boosting Immunity

Honey has traditionally been part of many civilisations and has been used not only in food but also strongly recommended by traditional medicine practices in many cultures across the world.

Honey and Herbs in Bottles and Sachet
Honey and Herbs in Bottles and Sachet

Lemon and honey are popularly used as the first thing in the morning to cleans the body system and build immunity.

Flavonoids and polyphenols present in honey Act as antioxidants that protect the structural integrity of cells and tissues and have the ability to neutralise free radicals, preventing damage to immune cells.

So, these packaged bottles of honey mixed with lemon, spices and herbs like ashvaganda and tulsi are no less than a powerhouse of good health.

Likewise sweets and confectionaries as have been launched by ABS is an effort to develop a trend of eating and gifting sweets and confectionaries with Anything But Sugar.

South Asia which has a strong culture of honey because of the specific climate, geography and culture has supported this new trend of going back to the roots for health benefits. In times of pandemic when people are eager to go back to traditional lifestyle in order to stay safe and healthy what better can serve then what is pure and full of immense health benefits.

“ABS has a range of organic honey at its experience store, including infused honey with saffron, cinnamon and other spices, nuts etc. We have ourselves developed ‘honey with ginger’, ‘honey with lemon’, ‘honey with garlic’, ‘honey with amla’ etc which we call beverage boosters,” emphasises Ved Pohoja.

While no one knows how long the world has to deal with corona pandemic one thing is sure that covid 19 would not leave the world without giving one strong lesson—to look back to the roots when it is a matter of good health. When the options are readily available across the markets and over the counter it is more the reasons to indulge.

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