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Healthy lifestyle: Constant vitals monitoring, a new normal?

Healthy lifestyle: The past covid pandemic hit years were marred with the practice of constantly keeping an eye on one’s body’s oxygen levels and temperature. People started wearing oxy-meters at all times and every business and the public place had security personnel checking one’s temperature via thermal readers.

While people suffering from diabetes and high/low blood pressure have to gauge their levels time and again, the process is now becoming simpler with new technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed upcoming gadgets are making the process easier, enabling users to check their vitals levels at all times, without much hassle.

New technology to promote a healthy lifestyle

Understanding the vital stats of the human body and their impact on health is intriguing. There are many factors that impact the overall functioning of the body. These vitals are quantified and red through various tests and scans, most of which are performed in a pathology lab. 

A few years ago, a piece of equipment that could give the current diabetes levels of the body, hit the market and had many takers. However, that device also required pricking a small needle into the body to extract blood. With the advent of technology, the pricking feature can soon become a thing of the past. 

AI has changed the game

AI has completely transformed the medical industry in general and the measurement of body vitals in particular. Several startups have taken the game forward and measuring human body vitals is just a few clicks away. These AI-powered, video-based, 100% software solutions enable anyone to measure a wide range of biomarkers using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. So, the users can now keep themselves updated about various body indices, without drawing blood from their bodies.

Technology advancement in medical science

The advancement in technology in the medical sciences has opened doors for devices that can display vital levels and lifestyle trends. The time of the covid pandemic was unpleasant for everyone, however, it introduced certain things into our lifestyle, which soon became the new normal. One such thing was constantly monitoring the body temperature and oxygen levels. 

While medical equipment and medical assistance device manufacturers have been working towards exploring opportunities in this direction, some have achieved some landmarks. 

Health parameters to be used for smart cities

The mapping of the data has more applications beyond the medical sphere. According to the article, Artificial Intelligence, Sensors and Vital Health Signs: A Review, published in MDPI’s Applied Sciences Journal in 2022, “Recent developments in technology and connectivity have led to the emergence and application of IoT and AI applications in many domains presenting the understanding of the role of AI in the continuous use of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in healthcare. They examine the continuous intention of healthcare professionals to use the IoMT integrated with AI, and designed a real-time IoT health monitoring system that can store a patient’s basic health parameters for smart cities. Small wearable nonintrusive sensors will facilitate large data to be collected automatically which will reduce regular visits to clinics and hence the expenditure. Future work in this field of research will benefit the entire healthcare domain.”

Constant vitals monitoring becoming part of the lifestyle

Constant monitoring of body vitals is set to become a part of the lifestyle and it can help users stay in shape, maintain particular health levels and keep a check on particular stats. Sunil Maddikatla, Founder and CEO, BlueSemi, says, “Lifestyle is the major contributor to one’s health and the ones who constantly monitor their body’s vitals have a greater chance of maintaining a healthy regime and lifestyle.”

In today’s busy lifestyle, when even going to a pathology lab is a time-consuming activity, such devices can prove to be a boon. It is not long before using AI and IoT-based products and devices would become an inseparable part of our lives. The ways in which this mapped data can be applied would impact our lives in a big way. 

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