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Green Hydrogen: A new era of sustainable energy production

Green Hydrogen: Hydrogen has long been touted as the fuel of the future, with the potential to revolutionize the power supply for homes, industries, and transportation. However, until recently, hydrogen production has been a carbon-intensive process, with most of the world’s hydrogen being produced from natural gas, a fossil fuel. With the rise of green hydrogen production, this all is about to change.

How green hydrogen can be a game changer?

Green hydrogen is hydrogen produced through the process of electrolysis, using renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydropower. Water molecules are split into oxygen and hydrogen, in the adobe process, wherein hydrogen, once captured, is stored for use, later. Green hydrogen also contributes to the global idea of a low-carbon economy and also offers a sustainable source of energy.

Technology experts vouch for hydrogen as the future of the energy segment

Corporate heads and technology experts are voicing for hydrogen and the positive changes it can bring to the energy sector. India-based Hitesh Oberoi, MD and CEO of Info Edge, recently shared similar views during the Shri Ram Economics Summit, 2023. While interacting with the audience, he urged the students to follow upcoming and futuristic trends as their career options. He categorically mentioned how possibilities are still being explored in the hydrogen-based energy segment and how it has immense potential to change the way the energy sector works and provide immense employment opportunities to job-seekers and entrepreneurs.

Shri Ram Economics Summit, 2023
Hitesh Oberoi, MD and CEO, Info Edge, sharing his thoughts at the Shri Ram Economics Summit, 2023.

An energy source that provides a sustainable and carbon-neutral source of energy

Green hydrogen production has the potential to revolutionize the way we power our world, offering a sustainable and carbon-neutral source of energy. The journal article, Green Hydrogen and Energy Transition: Current State and Prospects in Portugal provides a description of the future prospects of hydrogen production and how current progress is being made in the field.

The paper highlights the improvements witnessed in electrolyzer technology and how the availability of renewable energy sources at low cost is rapidly increasing, further propelling the generation of green energy. The authors mention that it is possible, green hydrogen would become cheaper to produce and at par with fossil-fuel-derived hydrogen in the coming years.

At the current stage, however, there are several challenges in making the production scalable. One of the biggest challenges is the development of the necessary infrastructure to support the production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen. This will require significant investment from both governments and private companies.

Decarbonising energy: The developing international activity in hydrogen technologies and fuel cells, provides insight into how to make the use of this technology, cheaper while overcoming all the challenges. The authors also comment on the role of renewable hydrogen towards building a more energy-efficient world. The use of hydrogen is directly linked with greenhouse gas emissions and some major industries such as the transport sector are majorly impacted by it. The paper, however, also points to increasing the generation of renewable energy, to further propel the adoption. The generation is also required to be backed by solar and wind energy units. The identification of regions around the world with abundant wind and sunlight is required to support the whole infrastructure of green hydrogen. This can be a step further in direction of a low-carbon economy.

A future within reach?

Although green hydrogen has certain challenges in the production segment, still holds the potential to drive the future of humanity. Cost of production is a major concern and there is a larger need for investors, governments and industrial houses to come together and address it. As argued by researchers and technology experts, green hydrogen can make the lives of our future generations better.

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