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Apple Vision Pro: A new revolution in the digital world?

There are Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and then there is the Apple Vision Pro. At least that is how the new announcement by technology giant Apple is being touted by gadget experts. Although the product would not go on sale until early 2024, enthusiasts cannot hold back their urge to shell out 3500-odd US dollars to make it their own. Apple Vision Pro is expected to take the technology and communication world by storm, with its latest offerings and never-heard-before set of features that are bound to change the whole experience related to a mobile gadget. The device would allow the users to make phone calls, use mobile apps, watch videos and movies, make FaceTime calls and other video calls through various apps and access many more features.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. at the company’s annual Developers Conference on Monday, June 5, presented the gadget to public eye. It is considered as the company’s biggest launch, since 2015 when it introduced the Apple Watch. Although it keeps coming with the latest additions of the iPhone, Apple seldom announces gadgets other than mobiles. Once it does, it creates ripples in the market; at least such has been the pattern that dates back to the launch of the first Macintosh in the mid-80s or the iPod in 2001.

So what is the Apple Vision Pro and why is the whole world suddenly talking about it?

Apple Vision Pro

A device that looks similar to a ski-goggle, the Apple Vision Pro is the first of its kind reality headset. It is equipped with an array of high-resolution cameras and infrared (IR) sensors that gauge the movement of the wearer’s eyes and hands. It enables the user to be aware of the surroundings and yet uses the mobile VR device and manoeuvre its controls via eye movement and hand gestures.

Apple is touted to have breached the next level in technology, by creating an impeccable coordination between the user’s hands and the eyes. While the eyes are looking at the screen that presents a grid of features, similar to an iPhone or an iPad, the IR sensors focus on the eye movement and keep a tab of the objects the user is looking at on the screen. At the same time, the sensors gauge the hand movements and when the user makes a “click” gesture with the hand, the device operates the feature at which the user is looking through the eyes. It does not create any hindrance based on the position or posture of the user’s body and it can be used while sitting, walking and even lying in the bed.

Appearance, look and feel

The augmented reality device closely resembles an eye-visor or eyeshades worn by air divers, bike riders and even skiing enthusiasts. The look and feel of the three-dimensional front glass is similar to the glass of the Apple Watch. The frame is made of aluminium and speakers are integrated within the design of the device, situated close to where the ears would be positioned while wearing the device. The speakers would give out spatial audio, which is based on the raytracing technology developed by Apple. The metal frame also includes some holes, left for passing of air and the wide band-like formation at the back is made of high-quality elastic mesh material. Overall, the comfort of the user and workability of the device under various conditions is kept in mind while designing the product.

What makes it worth the wait?

Packed with a plethora of exciting features, this cutting-edge device promises to revolutionize the way digital interactions are done. Powered by the innovative visionOS, the Vision Pro creates a captivating 3D experience, allowing users to interact with apps in a life-size format that can be manipulated and enlarged using eye movements. The control mechanism is nothing short of extraordinary, as users navigate effortlessly through apps with their voice, hands, and eyes. From browsing to selecting and scrolling, the Vision Pro seamlessly responds to these intuitive gestures.

This advanced AR headset also boasts compatibility with external devices such as the Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Mac, enabling users to mirror their content on a 4K display. Additionally, it supports popular gaming controllers, offering a truly immersive gaming experience.

The Vision Pro’s standout feature lies in its ability to transform FaceTime calls into holographic interactions by scanning users’ features and creating digital personas. It also brings the magic of the movie theatre to the comfort of the home, with 3D movies displayed on a colossal 100-feet widescreen, accompanied by Spatial Audio for a truly immersive surround sound experience.

Apple emphasizes the importance of staying connected to the real world, introducing “EyeSight,” a feature that turns the display transparent when someone is nearby, enabling users to maintain social interactions. EyeSight offers visual cues to enhance the overall experience whether the user is engaged in activities or communicating with loved ones.

The Apple Vision Pro is set to redefine the way we perceive and interact with digital content, offering a thrilling leap forward in the realm of augmented reality.

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