Binny Yadav

Covering human lives is my passion. During more than two decades of profession I have tried to weave stories from and around human lives through news and story- telling. I have been narrating stories of human lives, sufferings, and politics and also from the issues of the marginalized population. Through different mediums like magazines, television, newspapers and social media I have always tried to keep ‘human first’ approach, with a sole aim of making my writings as a medium to express the agony and pain of a common man who reels and survives on the edges and live on the margins.

Covering stories like widows of Vrindawan, which capture the lives of rejection and dejection of women shunned by their family members because they thought they were unproductive members of the family, have been passion. I try to capture the emotions, the feelings and the sufferings and try to highlight how human values are loosing out to commercial growth and loss of family values.

News matters to me as much as much as life matters to me. I love to be on the ground zero and narrate the stories not only about the people who matter but also about what makes of a nation.

I am also a passionate observer of life and try to capture the real life movements in my documentaries and films.

Please support the cause of humanity by watching my documentaries and films. I would be blessed to share your point of view and also know about where I lack in narrating the story. I would also appreciate if you could suggest human stories on which the world can sit and talk about specially stories related to human sufferings, freedom of speech and expressions.


Survival and growth of any civic society depends on its human population and the development of their physical, intellectual and infrastructural wellbeing. This, along with the development and preservation of heritage and culture leads the communities towards unmatched growth and makes it truly rich and diverse.

All this can be achieved with support of independent institutions supported by free-thinking societies where media is desired to be one of the most well bred, strong and free institutions.

As a media entity, aims to contribute towards achieving this goal of physical, intellectual and infrastructural well being of the human societies which contribute towards building strong nations-intellectually, emotionally and physically because a free thinking and intellectually strong communities build a strong country.

With the help of a strong and dedicated team of professional journalists we the Asian Newsmakers want to carve out a world which looks beyond the physical boundaries and work hand in hand with a single goal of making human lives free of miseries, hardships, sorrow and pain.

As a media entity we want to dedicate this space which talks about the Asian continent, its people, their issues, culture, heritage and above all the human life of this region. We are dedicated towards preserving the past by preserving the culture and heritage because we strongly believe that human growth is only possible if the human societies look towards the future with a hand on its past and feet on the ground.

We aim to redefine news by keeping ‘human first’ as an agenda and hence, for us covering politics and political agenda is not the prime objective. We aim to discover and highlight the human pain and agonies and move towards solution seeking so that the politics of the nation moves not from top to bottom but from bottom to top where the people truly feel empowered and are confident of the governments which are of the people, by the people, for the people.